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Preferred Music Providers for cheer and dance teams:

Preferred Music Providers for cheer and dance teams:

Below you will find the most current list of preferred music providers. At this time no other vendors have been approved. This list will be updated as new providers are identified.
We and our member organizations receive many inquiries about whether mixes purchased from a company known as “Legitmix” comply with the USA Cheer Music Guidelines.  To be sure, music purchased from Legitmix does not comply with USA Cheer Music Guidelines.  Presenting proof of purchase from Legitmix will not satisfy the USA Cheer Music Guidelines. Purchases made from a preferred provider of music that include any portion of a Legitmix product will not comply with USA Cheer Music Guidelines nor will music for which permission has not been secured from the owner of all the recordings and all the publishers.
Basically, the use of any popular or third party recordings without licenses from the owners of the recordings and the owners of all the publishing rights, regardless of who sells that music, is prohibited.
Providers who offer cover music and original music:
The following companies provide cover music with the proper licensing to be able to edit the recordings as needed and create original songs and recordings to which you own or license the rights by written agreement.
CheerSounds offers licensed cheerleading music and dance music to fit every team’s style and budget. Browse their music library, create your own mix online, or have a custom mix built for you. New music content will be added throughout the season; store opens June 13th, for more information visit our website: http://cheerleading-music-mix.com

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